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“Resourcefulness and an offbeat perspective mark debuting feature writer-director Teemu Nikki (who also edits here) as a talent to watch.” -Variety


“Funny, bitter and sometimes bleak, the picture draws much of its appeal from a deadpan performance by star Matti Onnismaa. It will be best received in those corners of the fest circuit devoted to boundary-pushing fare, but is not nearly so extreme that it couldn't do well for the right art house distrib.” -The Hollywood Reporter


“Euthanizer is a great addition to – and a new take on – the current wave of grungy exploitation independent cinema.” -The Playlist


“Euthanizer has a constant grungy B-movie vibe that works as an homage, but which never degrades the quality. Everything is so finely balanced, giving a solid result that will please the audience and which follows closely in the footsteps of Don Siegel’s Dirty Harry, one of the main influences that Nikki cites. Nikki delivers a pure, old-school, enjoyable film that, at its core, has more to offer to the audience than simply a story of revenge. Euthanizer is a great genre treat.” -Cineuropa


“A mix of dark humor, gritty action and neo-nazis getting their comeuppance.” -Screen Anarchy


“Following in the footsteps of the old-school revenge/exploitation genre, Teemu Nikki delivers an emotional film that still has a B-movie vibe but that everyone can enjoy.” -Cineuropa


“Nikki, who appears to be making the most of an extremely limited budget, has attempted to make something like a modern-day take on the creepy, kinky, deeply personal B-movie, studiously avoiding anything that would smack of revivalism; after all, no authentic B-movie ever set out to look like a B-movie. The surrealists would have liked this film.” -A.V. Club


“Teemu Nikki's Euthanizer reveals itself to be an affecting examination of cruelty.” -CineVue